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No Fees. No Commissions. No Hassles. We Pay All Closing Costs! We Buy Houses In Greene County In Any Condition

You Choose The Closing Date, No Repairs Needed & You’ll Get Cash For Your Greene County House!

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We Buy Houses Greene County AR

We buy houses in Greene County in any condition, quickly and for cash, regardless of the situation you’re facing. Whether you’re going through Foreclosure, Divorce, Probate, Inheritance, Code Violations, Owing Liens or Back Taxes or anything else here in Greene County, we’re ready to buy your house for cash!

Fast & Easy

Selling your Greene County house to TA Holdings LLC is fast, easy and FREE! We can close in as little as 10 days, and we pay all closing costs associated.

No Fees

We will be buying your house directly from you. Since we’re not listing your house on the MLS, you won’t have to pay fees, commissions or anything!

No Repairs Needed

We buy houses in Greene County AR in any condition, so whether your house is immaculate or it needs tens of thousands in repairs, we want to buy it.

Greene County Home Buyers

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Cash For Houses Greene County AR

Sell Your House Fast In Greene County!

When you sell your Greene County house to TA Holdings LLC, YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE CLOSING DATE!! Yep, you read that right. You’re in complete control, and we’re going to handle every part of the transaction from paperwork to dealing with the title company. And you don’t even have to clean out the house when you sell it to us — heck, you don’t even need to sweep the floor!

Our simple, 4 step process truly couldn’t be any easier. Call us at (870) 205-9592 to give us some more information on your house you’re wanting to sell in Greene County, schedule a time for us to come view the home, we’ll come to an agreement on the price and we’re off to closing! We’re truly the best Home Buyers In Greene County!

We aren’t going to nit-pick at things, we aren’t going to take advantage of you and we most certainly are going to follow through on our promises. We’ve got the cash to close on your house, so you can rest assured that the transaction will actually happen!

Sell My House Fast Greene County AR

TA Holdings LLC Makes It Easy To Sell A House In Greene County!

When you give us a call — (870) 205-9592 — we’ll ask for a new pieces of information about the home like how many beds and baths it has, the square footage, what kind of repairs are needed and a few other things like that.

After we’ve gathered the information we need from step 1, we’ll need to schedule a time to come take a look at the house. We’ll confirm the information you gave us over the phone, take pictures and prepare a cash offer for your Greene County house!

Once we have everything we need, we’ll be able to make you a no-obligation, fair cash offer for your house in Greene County.

Once we’ve agreed to terms, we’re off to closing! You’ll be able to set the closing date and everything, so we can close as fast as you’d like or work with you on your schedule.

Sell Your Greene County House Fast

Sell House Fast Greene County AR

Fill out the quick form below or call us at (870) 205-9592 to get an offer on your house TODAY!

I Need to Sell My House FAST in Greene County

Are you facing one or more of these situations in Greene County?

You can probably tell this by now, but we’ve helped quite a few home owners in Greene County sell a house fast who were going through a variety of situations. No matter what you’re going through we buy houses Greene County for cash in as-is condition, so sell a house fast by calling us at (870) 205-9592! What are you waiting for?!

We’re here to help our fellow Greene County neighbors get out of a sticky situation. We LOVE helping people in Greene County because we truly love what we do.

We’re excited about being the answer for someone who’s going through a stressful situation like foreclosure, inherited a house or whatever the situation might be. Treating others the way we want to be treated is a core value we stand by, and we think that shines through in our reviews from sellers we’ve helped in Greene County and all over! 

We are going to be here for you every step of the way when you sell your house fast in Greene County to TA Holdings LLC! We’re here to help you, so give us a call today at (870) 205-9592! Sell a house fast in Greene County for cash to TA Holdings LLC!

Stop losing time and money and let TA Holdings LLC help you today!

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Where We Buy Houses

Buy My House Greene County

If you’ve been thinking, “man, I really need someone to buy my house Greene County because of…” insert whatever situation you may be going through, then TA Holdings LLC fast and for cash! 

Our mission of our company is to help people — truly help, not just collect a pay check — going through tough home owning situations in Greene County and in all surrounding areas. Again, we want to treat others how we want to be treated, so you can rest assured that we’re in this to help you through your trying situation, not take advantage of you (like some others may try and do).

If you want to sell a house fast in Greene County, call us today — (870) 205-9592

Greene County Home Buyers

On occasion, it can be tough knowing who you are actually dealing with nowadays because of the internet. You can’t tell if they are local, foreign, live somewhere else or anything… it’s nice know that when you deal with TA Holdings LLC, you know you’re working with a local Greene County home buying company!

Plus, you’re not going to be getting some random call center, not getting to the person who can actually help you and all that fun stuff. When you choose to sell your house fast in Greene County to us, you can get on the phone DIRECTLY with us… no call centers or run-arounds. 

We’re local Greene County home buyers! You can meet us, shake our hands, see our faces… you won’t be stuck dealing with us via email and text messaging wondering if we can actually close on your house or not. 

Even better, we aren’t inexperienced investors either. We know what we’re doing, who we can help and how to handle a situation where we may not be the best fit. Remember, we love treating others how we want to be treated, so even if we aren’t the best fit to buy your house in Greene County, we’ll point you in the right direction of the person/company that is & can help you!


We pride ourselves on customer care & service. When you call TA Holdings LLC, you can rest assured that you never have to make another call ever again to get your Greene County house sold!

Sell A House Without A Realtor Greene County AR

Selling a house in Greene County with a real estate agent can get kind of pricey when you add on fees, commissions, seller’s concessions and all that mumbo jumbo. Not to mention the dozens of low ball offers, countless people traipsing through your house, long appraisal periods and everything else that is attached to a traditional sale.

If you’re wanting to sell my house fast Greene County and avoid paying those pesky real estate commissions, fees and closing costs, then sell your house to TA Holdings LLC today! (870) 205-9592

We will buy your house in Greene Countywith ZERO commissions or fees. In fact, we’ll pay all of the closing costs as well. We really make the process extremely simple, easy and hassle free!

How To Sell My House For Cash Greene County

Have you been trying to figure out, “how to sell my house for cash in Greene County without all the hassles, commissions, fees and worry?”

TA Holdings LLC is your solution!!! We’re ready to buy your Greene County house TODAY… for cash in as-is condition. Yeah, that’s right: you don’t have to make repairs, clear out the house and, heck, you don’t even have to sweep the floors! We make it easier than ever to sell a house in Greene County fast!

Sell Your House Fast

Selling your house in Greene County to TA Holdings LLC is a piece of cake! If you’ve been thinking, “I really need to sell my house fast in Greene County AR,” then call TA Holdings LLC today — (870) 205-9592 We Buy Houses In Greene County AR in any condition and for cash!